Honda - The Versatool

One garden tool to rule them all...
Honda - The Versatool
Manufacturer: Honda

The Versatool is designed to take on a huge range of garden tasks. With eight push-and-click attachment options, and a 4-stroke engine at its heart, it’s the ultimate power tool for gardening perfection. 


The name Versatool is a clever mix of words ‘versatile’ and ‘tool’, but the machine itself is far more impressive than any name Honda could think of. Its range of ingenious attachments has been built to cover every garden need – from cultivating vegetable patches to shaping bushes, and all by using just one Honda engine to power them all.


Why choose a Versatool?


A lot of thought has gone into the user-friendly design and safety features that make the Versatool so easy to use. It’s built to the same Honda quality found in all of their power tools. From little innovations within the all-important engine, to the clever joint system to connect the assortment of attachments, Honda’s heritage of engineering makes sure each component is made to the highest possible quality. That’s Honda.


Honda has made the powerful 7,000 rpm motor comfortable and easy to use. Take the two-part anti-vibration clutch block for example – it displaces tremors from the engine with a vibration absorber. The Versatool also has a six-splined transmission shaft, which maximises torque and drives lots of power to each tool you use. And with the same non-contact sealing bearings as used by NASA, the Versatool attachments also have a longer lifetime.


What’s so special about the engine?


With years of experience and research building engines, Honda has designed a nimble 4-stroke motor that sits at the heart of the Versatool. It delivers solid, reliable power with lower and cleaner emissions – just like you’ll find in Honda cars and motorcycles.


The engines are the lightest and most compact of their type, and incredibly easy to start because of a super-light flywheel. They also push out high torque at low rpm – making sure you can drive through all of your garden tasks with ease. The petrol engines avoid the messy business of mixing oil and fuel. Neither do they need warm up time to reach their peak performance. This all means there’s longer use before filling up, and that’s easier on your wallet. Choose between a 25cc and 35cc engine to suit your needs.


The Versatool is built better to last longer, it just keeps on going. That's why we can offer you a rock-solid five year warranty for domestic use and one year warranty for professional use.

The Versatool maintains the same value throughout the warranty period – meaning the last day of cover is exactly the same as the first. Solid and dependable – just like Honda’s garden equipment.



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