Robotic Lawnmowers

Wanted: Keen garden helper...
Robotic Lawnmowers

The smart way to mow your lawn! Enjoy free time by letting a robotic mower do the work for you. Easy to set up, the robotic lawnmowers innovative design will not let you down. Pop into our showroom or give us a call today for advice on choosing your most suitable model.


With adjustable cutting height and the fine grass clippings will disappear into the soil creating a natural, organic fertiliser, no need for collection! All mowers automatically charge and will return to their docking station when the battery needs a power boost. Some models can be controlled from your mobile device allowing you to start, stop and change your mowing plan from work, the couch or whilst on holiday. Good news, that carpet-like finish is achievable today!



Please contact Ieuan or Arfon on (01766) 770261 for further information or visit our Showroom.



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